golang with 64k page size for WD MyCloud

This works:

GOARM=7 GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm go build -ldflags “-R 65536” cat.go


In ./cmd/link/doc.g:

-R quantum
Set address rounding quantum.

So seems it’s just a work around. In fact, the page size is still 4K and the over bound will not trigger exception since the boundary is 64K aligned.

GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=~/go/ GOARM=7 GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm ./bootstrap.bash

The above generated go binary which still can’t work in 64K page wd my cloud device even set Pagesize=64K in go source code (There must be something missed)

OK. Wrap up the work and wait util the upstream to fix it…

  1. Unable to execute on WD My Cloud (armv7l) #928
  2. cmd/link: better support for non-4K page size systems #10180
  3. runtime: address space conflict on Linux/Arm64 #11886
  4. [go-nuts] Cross compile question for Go version 1.5 beta3

golang with 64k page size for WD MyCloud》有1个想法


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